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More about the project

E-TWOW is an internationally recognized brand that, thanks to the quality and innovation used in the production of electric scooters, enjoys an international reputation, and with a myriad of patented ideas acquires certificates because of its uniqueness. E-TWOW Smart Mobility is the latest project, designed primarily for larger companies that care for their employees, their well-being and help them with fulfilling their obligations with the help of the latest technologies.

What we offer

Regardless of whether the company is located in the city center or in the industrial zone, with the help of E-TWOW electric scooters, employees can move safely from one point to another, while saving time and enjoying riding without congestion.

• charging station

• mobile application

• vozni park skirojev

• Charging station


The equipment consists of:

• 10 filling sources for scooters

• 2 electromagnetic power supplies

• 1 power supply for electromagnetic control module

• 1 power supply for light signaling

• electronic control of electromagnets

• electronic means of communication

• 6 single-phase fuses

• IP 65 panel with 10A differential fuse

Smart app - Android / iOS

E-TWOW is a smart solution for booking E-TWOW electric scooters. To book a skier, the user will have to sign in to the application using a user name and password. He will then select the date, time and length of the booking of the electric scooter.

After entering the information, the system offers the available scooters according to the entered parameters and the user chooses the desired one. Upon selection, the reservation is confirmed and the user has to assume an electric scroll that is unlocked and available in the charging station.


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