E-TWOW Booster V 2020


E-TWOW Booster V 2020

It matches the modern way of life and all your needs!

It weighs less than 12 pounds, folds up to 12 liters of space. This makes it easy to install in every city car's trunk.

It's small, fast and economical, so it's the smartest solution to move around. Can you get something better?

Tech specs

Dimensions in Full Growth
1020 x 380 x 1160 mm
Storage Dimensions
970 x 145 x 330 mm
11,3 kg
Maximum Load Capacity
125 kg
Max Speed
36 km/h
Slope Climb Ability
40 km
Battery Samsung
Battery Capacity
36 V; 10,5 Ah
DC Motor
Max Power
500 W
110 V / 220 V
Charging Time
3,5 - 4h


Patented technology KERS offers up to 60% more autonomy. When using the rear (foot) brake, the battery is charged while driving, so you can go for long distances without using a charger.

In addition to the E-TWOW innovation, the KERS system is also ecological, and above all your ally in traveling, as it offers you more autonomy and economy.


Ready to accompany you everywhere

With a single charge, you can travel up to 40 km or 60 km when using the KERS system. Two amplifiers, cruise control and 6 LED lights will be provided for the more compact driving.

The power of the Samsung battery and the maximum speed of 36 km / h lead you uphill, up to 25 percent of the slope.