Behind the name Green2go there is a young family, which daily encounters a life at a difficult pace, with living near the capital's center, which offers countless possibilities for mobility.

Because of the great interest in motor vehicles and what awaits us in this field in the future, we started talking more often about electric vehicles. Unfortunately, the initial cost for an average person is still too high, even though driving with them is much cheaper than driving with cars on petrol.

Due to developments in the oil markets, raising awareness of environmental problems and reminding the population of the necessary changes in the way of life, electric power is our future. Future, that should come as soon as possible.

We have all heard and seen electric bikes - a super practical and affordable invention for people, but can we leave them safely locked on the street? Again electric bikes are big and heavy, so it is not easy to carry them from one point to another (when travelling, for example).


The E-TWOW - Electric Two Wheels brand is part of a large international concept, with headquarters both in China and Europe, focused on offering a new era in urban mobility, through our ingenious electric vehicles.

The idea, design and construction of the E-TWOW electric kick scooter belongs to a Romanian engineer, Dr. Sorin SIRBU and the concept was further developed alongside a research team of engineers with a solid background in mechanical and electrical engineering. With the knowledge acquired in the years of technical studies, but most of all, driven by the passion to find innovative solutions for transportation, Mr. Sirbu used his enthusiasm and skills to develop a practical solution to everyday life.

Everybody’s reaction when testing our vehicles is “WOW!”, because the E-TWOW vehicles are a combination of unique and useful technologies that come together to create a very powerful, reliable, ecological and economical transportation, which is new, delightfully fun and practical.

The philosophy behind the E-TWOW is to make life easier and to stop wasting our precious time and resources. By simply pushing a button, rediscover the beauty around and how easy is to reach your destination with an ecological, yet powerful and easy to handle vehicle! With its top quality, innovative technologies and unique features, E-TWOW represents the best choice for you!